Animated Quilt

  From February to June in 2016, Greg Climer worked as an artist in residence at the Museum of Art and Design. During the residency, he quilted each frame of an animated film. The exploration into how images in quilts can be enhanced by persistence of vision resulted in a 1 second animated loop of […]

Tags: art, experiments, sewing

Test Shot for Knitted Film

  The knit film, “untitled test”, is a long-term project in which I am collaborating with a knitwear factory to translate a film into a knitted piece. This piece represents a proof of concept for the film, demonstrating the animated knit technique. Digital technology has replaced celluloid as our primary medium for storing cinematic images. […]

Tags: experiments, video

Quilts of People I Love

This series of quilts inverts the traditional methodology for quilt construction. Instead of finding pieces of fabric, working with remnants and scraps and combining them to create larger compositions, I have been working with Photoshop to engineer the final image and then design and manufacture the individual fabrics required to piece the larger composition together. […]

Tags: art, sewing

Pornography Quilts

Pornography has become ubiquitous but yet taboo in our society. Supposedly everyone watches it. It influences our films, media, art, even who our celebrities are. But yet admitting to enjoying, owning, or producing porn is still taboo. Walking into a mainstream gay bar in Manhattan, I have been confronted by pornography playing on video screens […]

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Bed spreads

This series of duvet covers take lyrics from pop music and remove them from their context, placing them in the bedroom to create sexual innuendo where none existed before. The letters are laser cut and machine sewn, creating a labor-intensive object where simpler methods such as silk screening could have generated an acceptable effect. The […]

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Oil is a short film about desolation, isolation, and one man’s place in the system.

Tags: art, laser cutting, video

360° Theater

The 360° Theater was a collaborative project with theater troupe Mama Rice and Friends.  Using a pulley system, the audience was able to conceal or reveal sections of the filmed show that was happening 360° around them.  As the show progressed, the audience was subtly transformed from individuals watching independently into a group working together […]

Tags: art, experiments, sculpture

Godspeed the Well-Dressed Man

Godspeed the Well-Dressed Man was a menswear label designed by Greg Climer, focusing on local production, quality craftsmanship, and narrative inspiration. The collections were approached as an immersive art project: each one was themed around a different, completely fabricated history of the label’s name. False websites, blog identities, and social media were all used to […]

Tags: commercial, fashion

Teddy Bear 2.0

Despite the advent of parental controls, children are clever enough to easily uncover explicit content on the internet with just a few mouse clicks, subjecting them to intense material far before they might be mature enough to understand or cope with it. This project uses the prevalence of internet sex and violence to re-invent the […]

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As a pattern maker, I became fascinated by the process of tailoring garments to fit around the organic shapes of the human body. While Nature uses flexible and highly adaptable skin to cover our bones, we often invert this process through the act of tailoring. We employ clever techniques of sewing and cutting in order […]

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